Turn the Curse

by Relentless

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released May 1, 2013



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Relentless Sydney, Australia

Relentless is a hardcore band from Sydney Australia

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Track Name: With A Voice
Armed with a voice
And an iron mind
Prepared to wage a war
No Matter the outcome I’ll be

You wake up everyday
Look to me like im some sorta enemy
Like a dreaded disease, set to plague on you and all of humanity
Time for a change time to show this whole world that where not afraid
I speak my mind I don’t hide, Im not ashamed, cause ill be

From the cracks we have risen
Like a cancer of the truth
Attracted to your lies
My words are my weapon
The only truth
I have to justify
Cause ill be

Armed with a voice
Ill defend, my freedom of speech I will defend

We’ll keep fighting and we’ll never stop
Forever, against the grain
With a Voice
Track Name: Don't Wait For Death
There comes a time when you’ll be down and out
No sympathy given no hand outs
You dug this hole on your own your in this fight all alone
I’ve been there too but I’m still pushing through

Pushing and Fighting
To keep my head afloat
Making ends meet the only way that I can
Scheming and Searching
No longer fearing all the chaos that surrounds me

You’ll never know
If the end is near
Don’t wait for death
Conquer all your fears
Act now before it’s to late
Don’t stop pushing through
Can’t let it break you

Won’t let it break me

Pushing and Fighting
To keep my head a float
Pushing and fighting
Won’t let it break me
Keep pushing through
Track Name: World I Despise
I stand alone
I walk alone into the unknown, on my own
This is not my world I’m gonna tear it down rebuild a better world that feels right to me feels right to me

In my mind is the only place that I hide
I search for the truth in this world this world I despise

Bound by laws and corruption
Politics disregarded youth
What’s left but social decay
Thousands die you look the other way

This world has shown me nothing but hate tried to lock me in so that I can’t escape
Chained and shackled as they dictate my fate
I must break out and choose my own way

I don’t want you to save me
I never wanted this world

No matter what you say, I’ll turn away
Your world not mine

In my mind is the only place I hide
Search for truth in this world I despise
Track Name: All We Know
Forever set in stone, connected to one thing, it’s all we know
The aggression the passion and what we’ve been through
What brought us together its all we know
Blood sweat and tears remind us how we got here
The memories that we share forever set in stone its all we know

No sleep, Long drives, World wide, hard times
No one complains cause its what we choose
Living fast with nothing to loose
I’ve spent most of my life just trying to fit in
And find my place in this world
This is only place I belong

Different cultures, different languages we all heard the same voice
Road under the wheels, stage under my feet, with a mic in my hand this cant be beat

The Music, the unexplainable feeling that draws us in
It gave us shelter and taught us to be strong
We’ll carry on

I’ve spent most of my life just trying to fit in
I finally sound my place in this world where I belong
Track Name: What I've Become
Was my biggest mistake
And now im free
Free from what I couldn’t escape
Now look at me
This is who I’ve become
Rebuild from nothing, Strong then ever
And now im free

The warning signs were there
I dismissed them
Im never one to judge so I pushed through
I was cautioned by many
I should have listen
I was weaked
But now I know

Rumors hung around
But I saw the best in you
You friends turned there backs I chose not to
I was cautioned by many
I couldn’t listen
I was weaked
But now I know

This is who ive become
This is what ive become

Ill never be who you want me to be
Because Im free
Free from what I thought I couldn’t escape
And now im free
I feel nothing
I have nothing
No remorse for you
Track Name: True Colours
Take my hand when in pain
I will support you, ill carry you on
Now as I think back at all the times that were wasted on you I brush it off and keep moving on
Bridges Burnt, lives hurt
All these words wasted in vain, You bit the hand that feeds don’t bother coming to me no longer giving in cause you broke the bond

You broke the bond and lost my trust
True colours revealed I’ve had enough

Used and abused I’ve cut you off
I’m glad it came to this
You left me high and dry and im glad it came to this

No respect
No sympathy
I picked you up in your time of need
You took advantage of the ones who stood by you
Now I look back and I’m glad where through

You broke the bond
Track Name: Rise
We are the underground
That roam the streets at night
We are the disregarded
The ones you’ve cast aside
We are the Renegades
Fighting for a lost cause
Rebelious youths just trying to find there place in this world

we unite as one
Together we are strong
We will never fall
Unified we stand tall

I can se it in your eyes, I can feel it in your stare
Your just like me, a casualty of the unfair
Don’t bare the weight on your own
We all know, what it feels like
The weight of the World we share

The misunderstood, the darkened few, that don’t venture into the light, Just a kid going no where fast, at rock bottom ill pick you up and take you in.

Misguided youths, Forgotten kids
Rise together, we are the revolution
Track Name: Undefeated
Ive spent my time
Chasing ghosts that I cant find
I have locked doors that must remain
Inside my mind
So many years wasted shifting through doubts and fears
All that ive learnt through the tough we’ll rise above

Undefeated we reign
Undefeated we fall
And at the end of the day We stand
No matter what the outcome, Remain strong

Im face to face
With another dead end
The walls around, start crumbling in
A friend once told me
When in the dark to Dream strong
So I got up broke through the walls and carried on

We’ve gotta rise above
Make the best of what got
Remember always remain strong
Track Name: Wasting Away
In an instance everything could be taken away
You spend your life just wasting away
You fill your time trying to seek and find
a false sense of hope that only leaves you blind
why cant you see it
Clock hands turn as the hour glass runs dry
My memories once lived now framed for all to see
I choose my own destiny

Just because you breathe, Doesn’t mean your alive
Sometimes we seek, Without a thing to find
Spending to much time, Just trying to survive
Wasting away, Thoughts of the other side

Wasting away, thoughts of the other side

Its in my blood, its in my veins
It keeps my heart beating it keeps my lungs breathing
That will never decease as long as it flows with in me

I choose my own Destiny
Track Name: Justice For None
This is happening right before our eyes
Other side of the world I hear children cry
Governments depict the out comes of life
A game of chess as they send their pawns to die
It was once said when the rich declare war It’s the poor who die
No Peace No Justice
Justice system corrupt, injustice was served

False evidence corrupt lies
No Peace No Justice
Guilty flee no innocence
No peace
Justice for none

In a time where a crooked badge runs the streets
A witness lies to justify their side
What happens to us?

Corruption Will Die Now
Track Name: Turn The Curse
Now as I search this life I lead
For that little piece of light
I offer all to get nothing in return
From birth till death this life just seems a curse

No more
Will it drag me down
No more
Will I wear the crown
Ill inhale all the darkness in life
And turn the curse into light

So I push on
Through the dark and unknown
I’m not afraid to walk this path alone
Searching for solace, I am given a crown of thorns
It all piles up, all the same
This must change

I make a pact
A promise to myself
That I will rid my life of this curse
Before this world swallows me hole
Ill turn this curse into light

The Curse

Ill Turn The Curse